Things I’m Thankful For

The Design Edition

Aaron Cecchini-Butler
4 min readNov 24, 2022
Photo that says “Thank you” in neon lights
Photo by Morvanic Lee on Unsplash

Listen, I’ve never been great at the gratitude thing. I’ve mastered “cynical,” but haven’t perfected “thankful.” So, in honor of the time of year where I’m forced to do my best, I’ve curated a list of things that I’m genuinely appreciative of.


Example of changing text in a button and having to manually resize

It’s really hard to remember the days before auto-layout. But when I think really hard, I remember the days of changing the text in a button, and then having to resize the button to keep the padding consistent. I remember the days of typing text that wrapped, and then having to grab everything below that text and manually move it down.

It was a dark and scary time.

Design systems slack

This slack community is dedicated to design systems. It is also a generous and kind community. Designers range in their experience and areas of expertise, but everyone contributes in asking and answering questions, sharing resources, and supporting each other. Additionally, Jina Anne does an amazing job at enforcing a beautiful code of conduct.



Aaron Cecchini-Butler

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