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  • Abah Gift

    Abah Gift

    User Experience Designer

  • Finlay Stevens-Hunt

    Finlay Stevens-Hunt

    I publish 1 new article every week on UX leadership.

  • Victor De La Cruz

    Victor De La Cruz

    👋 Hi there! I’m a 🗽 NYC based UX Designer, passionate about cross-functional collaboration and all product design. UXD instructor @ga

  • Carmel Gallagher

    Carmel Gallagher

  • Vicky Prokopi

    Vicky Prokopi

    Writing as a need for existing. Inspired by emotions, people and music, I write about anything that makes my soul dance.

  • Paméla Gallo

    Paméla Gallo

    UX/UI Designer with a psychologist studies background. www.pamelagallo.fr/client

  • Lorenzo Castagno

    Lorenzo Castagno

  • Omarbarhoom


    UX/UI Designer at (https://zid.sa/)

  • H Locke

    H Locke

    UX person @Ogilvy. (Opinions mine, not theirs etc.). I design things and I study humans. 100+ articles on Medium — https://medium.com/@h_locke/lists

  • Kimberly Greenough

    Kimberly Greenough

    Known on the internet as Kimby Arting, I am constantly trying to grow my skills and teach others what I discover along the way.

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