• Jonas Goddeeris

    Jonas Goddeeris

    Conversion Specialist, UX, Analytics

  • roy technubi

    roy technubi

    UIX Desisgner & Project Manager at Home

  • Tina Thomas

    Tina Thomas

    Heart-felt writer, and lover of humans and their complexity. Drop a line and say “hola” at: TinaT [dot] Medium [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Daniel Su

    Daniel Su

  • Thais Ruda

    Thais Ruda

  • Ruben E.

    Ruben E.

    Diseñador UX/UI

  • Sofia Wheeler

    Sofia Wheeler

    Integrated Design & Media Student at NYU UX/Product Designer in the Works!

  • codeuxdesign


    UX Designer and Front End Developer

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