There are many different ways to organize spacing — with the most popular (probably) being the use of auto-layout. My first big disclaimer — there is absolutely nothing wrong with this method.

Traditional auto-layout method

With the traditional auto-layout method — content is framed from the inside out — similar to the traditional CSS box-model method.

Using logic to get what we want from unhelpful endpoints

Scan Feature


I was tasked with redesigning the Pay/Scan feature of our apps. The basic premise of this feature is that the user can scan their phone at the register and either:

  1. Earn loyalty only (and pay with a separate payment method)

Math and ethics influence design decisions

Six iPhone screens showing the UI of this particular feature.
Primary UIs for Payment Preferences v2: Wallet (iOS)


A poorly designed payment preferences UI was resulting in accidental charges and left users at risk of repeat charges that could cause banks to lock their cards. In addition to addressing these pain points, we managed to maintain a level of possible customization unmatched by competitors.


Design Manager — Sloane…

A designer’s worst nightmare

A kid underneath a sheet pretending to be a ghost by an abandoned building
Real-life picture of stakeholder engaging in “what if we just…?” Patrick Tomasso Unsplash

In design, the happy path is what happens when the user does everything exactly the way you expect them to. Although this can happen, it won’t always happen.

A straight, sandy path.
This is a happy path. Alice Donovan Rouse Unsplash

Aaron Cecchini-Butler

I’m a Product Designer at Grubhub working on the LevelUp Team to create branded apps for restaurants.

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